How myUSCIS Portal Can Help You

USCIS has made adjustments to their myUSCIS portal for applicants and beneficiaries to update USCIS directly with certain changes that need to be made out regarding their pending applications. They created a self-service portal that will help beneficiaries track and manage their petitions, change their address, and to reschedule biometrics among other services.

To track and manage their case, applicants can add their case to their own myUSCIS account. If filed physically, USCIS will mail applicants or their representatives a receipt notice and a notice that provides instructions on how to create a myUSCIS account and provide a unique Online Access Code (OAC). Applicants will then need to access their online account, select the “Add a Case” option and use the receipt number provided on their receipt notice, and the OAC provided on their account notice to link their petition to their profile.

Another service that the online portal provides is the ability to change your address. You are now able to directly update USCIS with an address change relating to your pending petition, this will make the process more efficient as in the past an attorney had to update USCIS with any changes in residence for an applicant. We have posted an in-depth explanation on how to update your address using the self-service portal here.

Lastly, another feature is the ability to reschedule your own biometrics appointments. Once you have received the notice that lists when an applicant has a biometrics appointment and where to go, they have the option to reschedule the appointment for a later date if they are unable to attend on the date they were assigned. This makes it easier for applicants to select a date and time that works better with their schedule. A few things to keep in mind when rescheduling a biometrics appointment is that you can push back the date for up to two weeks from the original date given to you and that the online service will only allow you to reschedule the appointment twice. USCIS does advise that if you reschedule too many times, they may consider your petition abandoned and may deny it on that basis. Once you reschedule your appointment, the myUSCIS portal will provide you with a new date immediately for your records.

In the past, the services above were provided in a more tedious format that usually took weeks to receive an update or confirmation that the change or reschedule request was processed. This new method now allows a more immediate confirmation and straightforward approach with USCIS, directly from the applicant.

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