Client Testimonials

Our law firm has been helping immigrants for over 20 years.  During that time, we have had the opportunity to represent companies, employees, and families across the US and the world. 

We take great pride in helping people.  The laws, politicians, processing, and various things can change and impact immigration, but the one thing that doesn’t change are what we refer to as the two ‘S’s’. 

What is that you ask?

Success and smiles.

We’ve had a lot of both in our law firm, both internally with our amazing staff, and externally with the people we represent.

Obviously, having represented thousands of people over the span of the law firm, we cannot list all of our successes.  But we can list some of the client comments we’ve received in various types of cases that will give you an indication of who we are, what we do and what we’re like to work with.

Hear it from our clients

"Our family used Bashyam Global, specifically Murali and Tina, to handle our EB-5 based green card applications. Both of them were very friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the EB-5 process, and were great in communicating with us. Tina was really wonderful to work with. She's an EB-5 superstar! I am 100% satisfied with their services. Our green cards were approved!"


"The experience was great and I am very satisfied. I was able to obtain my Green Card in a time where immigration paperwork had become challenging again. Bashyam Global did a great job working on the application for the case, guiding me in the process, and making sure everything worked smoothly. They were also nice to talk to and kind. The communication was fluent. The team was always available to help. If someone was not in the office for any given reason, they made sure there was someone available to help if help was needed. The problems and questions were quickly understood and properly addressed. The team was always on top of the changing immigration laws. They were aware of the most recent changes and the options to proceed with the paperwork successfully under different potential case scenarios. I would give them a 10 out of 10."

Jose from USA

"I’m a post doc at NCSU and I hired Mr. Bashyam for my Green Card application under EB1 category. Mr. Bashyam was confident about the case, he guided me well and I received my Green Card within a year. In addition to his expertise on the issue, Mr. Bashyam was always graceful and helpful. He always made effort to reach me and help me in any way possible. I heard about other attorneys and my experience was totally different. Simply speaking, I am touched by the way he handled the confusion ridden times."

Vivek R. from Raleigh, NC
Employment-Based Permanent Residency

"We are a success story from Bashyam Global. We first found out about this place through some friends on Facebook and reached out. Allison and Jessica took care of us from the beginning to the end, through all of the steps, through all of the questions, and all of the paperwork. Allison prepared us for the interview by offering a mock interview session with hypotheticals about how the interview could go, and just different things that we didn’t understand because we aren’t lawyers. They were very patient and they answered our questions in a timely fashion. Being a same-sex couple made us nervous and they helped us through that. Allison went to the interview with us to make sure no inappropriate/unfair questions were asked and she was re-assuring that things would be okay."

Jasper from USA

"I have been dealing with immigration stuff for a long time now and I have gone through different kind of visas and I have all these records. I was happy to have gone through Bashyam Global because I feel there would have definitely been some stuff that would have fallen through the cracks. They helped us streamline the process."

Janghoon Y. from South Korea

"The attorneys at this firm are excellent in every single way. They are so great that even at the American Embassy in Honduras, they told us the same thing. The person who interviewed us said that he liked how neatly they had put together all the documents. His exact words were “congratulations on the attorney you hired. They did a wonderful job.” So if the consulate said so, we say it twice as much! They are such great attorneys!!"

Family-Based Permanent Residency

"With the great support of Murali Bashyam and Deanna Roth, we were able to get our H1B/H4 visas. One year later we started the process to obtain permanent residence status and 2 months ago we received our Green Cards. I strongly recommend working with Murali Bashyam and his team, they will help you through the whole process and walk with you from start to finish. Thank you Murali and Deanna for your great support."

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