I-9 and e-Verify Compliance

In addition to the basic immigration services provided by most firms, we are actively involved in our companies’ immigration regulatory compliance issues. We provide lunchtime and breakfast talks on these issues, and are prepared to come to a company’s offices to meet with HR professionals, in-house attorneys, and staff to educate all necessary employees on organizing the workplace to stay in compliance with I-9, e-Verify, and immigration documentation regulations. We help our clients implement and monitor internal audits, keep them abreast of I-9/e-Verify and employer verification laws, and help them organize other workplace documentation. We also provide special handling of cases that need to be taken up to the offices of our congressional leaders or strategized in a variety of creative, multidimensional ways to achieve necessary short or long-term objectives.

What is I-9 Employer Verification?

Every employer in the United States is required to complete a Form I-9 for every single employee within three business days of hire. This is not a new rule. It was enacted under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. It does not apply to anyone who was hired before November 6, 1986. The managers and hiring personnel in most medium to larger corporations are required to undergo formal Employment Verification Training in order to ensure that they are properly verifying the employment eligibility of every single employee hired on or after November 6, 1986. We highly recommend some level of employer verification training for all US employers.

Why is I-9 Employer Verification Training Essential?

We regularly provide I-9 training for our clients around the United States. The reasons this training is so essential is because of the heavy penalties that face employers who are either inadvertently violating employment verification laws, and even more problematically, those employers who are knowingly violating the laws. If your company, firm or small business is not completing a Form I-9 for every single employee who is hired, you should apprise yourself of the regulations and beware of penalties.

If your office needs this kind of training, or an in-house audit of your current employment verification procedures, please contact one of our attorneys at [email protected].

For managers and hiring personnel, we also strongly urge that you remain familiar with the rules on how to interview people prior to hire. This is important to avoid discrimination pitfalls.

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