How to Change Your Address with USCIS

In the past when beneficiaries had to update their change of address with USCIS for their pending applications, it was possible for the attorney to update USCIS on their behalf. Now, USCIS has created a way for the beneficiaries to directly update their address by utilizing their USCIS online account. This was created to promote the USCIS online account as a self-service tool to allow beneficiaries to have a more direct method of interacting with USCIS for basic services that is meant to create more efficiency and less delay.

Beneficiaries will have to create an online USCIS account and go through that portal to update their address with USCIS. As a reminder, non-citizens are required to report their change of address with USCIS within 10 days of moving to their new residence. If you change your address with USPS, it will not be reflected with USCIS, you will have to notify both agencies of your address change.

To change your address, visit the USCIS website and login. If you do not have a myUSCIS account you will have to create one. There you will be given a number of services you can complete through the self-portal, select the option to change your address. You will need the following information ready to finish the address change process:

  • Your new address
  • Receipt number of your pending immigration application
  • Your A-Number

Once you have that information handy, you can follow the steps on the self-service portal to complete your address change.

Make sure that once you have updated USCIS on your change of address, you also notify the paralegal or attorney assisting you in your application for their own records.

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