Department of State Extends Interview Waivers for Some Immigrants

The U.S. Department of State recently announced the extension of the authority of consular officers to waive in-person interviews for some nonimmigrant visa categories through December 31, 2023. Consular officers may waive the in-person interview requirement on a case-by-case basis for first-time and renewing applicants in the following visa categories:

    • Temporary Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Workers (H-2 visas)

    • Academic Exchange Visitors (academic J visas)

    • Certain beneficiaries of approved individual petitions for nonimmigrant temporary worker visas in the following categories:
      • Trainee or Special Education Visitors (H-3 visas)
      • Intracompany Transferees (L visas)
      • Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement (O visas)

        • Participants in International Cultural Exchange Programs (Q visas), and qualifying derivatives.

Previously, the Department of State extended authorization to waive the in-person interview requirement for applicants renewing a visa within 48 months of the expiration of a prior visa in the same classification. This extension of authority will remain in effect until further notice.

The purpose of these policies waiving in-person interviews for certain categories of nonimmigrant visas is to facilitate the processing of visas and decrease wait times at many consulates and embassies. These policies have freed up time to allow officials to conduct required in-person interviews for other applicants.

In-person interviews may still occur in some consulates and embassies based on case-by-case considerations and local conditions. Applicants are encouraged to check applicable consulate and embassy websites for more detailed information about their interview requirements, current operating status, and services.

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