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Citizen’s Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest!


By Pam Prather

By Pam Prather

Gomer was almost drunk with power when he learned that he had the right to carry out the law on ol’ Barney Fife (  Did you realize that YOU have a similar power?

Thousands of gun rights supporters learned this recently when they submitted a petition to deport CNN television host Piers Morgan. Apparently, if the White House receives ANY petition with at least 25,000 signatures, they have to respond!  And respond they did, reminding 2nd Amendment Supporters (the right to bear arms) of the  1st Amendment (freedom of speech).

In case you’ve been living in a hole, you have heard of the latest round of arguments regarding gun control.  Piers Morgan believes there should be stricter gun control laws, and although he is not a U.S. citizen – or even permanent resident – the U.S. Supreme Court upholds that immigrants are covered by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights while in the United States.  So he has the right to present his views, and opponents have the right to try to get him deported.

Did you ever wonder what sort of visas people like Piers Morgan hold? After all, he’s a British citizen, but currently lives in the U.S. and hosts a talk show on CNN.  Well, he’s on an “O” visa.  This visa allows qualified persons to live and work in the U.S. for up to three years, with no limit on extensions.  The catch is that they have to have “extraordinary ability” in athletics, the arts, sciences or entertainment. (Is what Piers Morgan does really extraordinary? Perhaps since he took over Larry King’s time slot on CNN.)

The standards are high for this visa – the Nobel Prize is listed as one possible acceptable achievement.  Although an O visa WAS once issued to a Canadian ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner.  Extraordinary achievement in Bunnyhood, perhaps?  And the Beckhams (yes, David and Victoria) were O visa non-immigrants at one time.   He for sports, naturally, and she for ….. exquisite bone structure?  Actually, I believe Victoria held an O visa for her expertise in fragrances and fashion.

Anyway, more power to the people.  I say let’s take advantage of this mass petition thing.  We should use our powers for good and do something about those Kardashians.