New ICE Directive Prioritizes Family Unity, Replaces Trump-Era Policy

The Biden administration has issued a new directive to U.S. law enforcement officers designed to prevent the separation of immigrant families. Under this policy, officers must ask immigrants whether they are parents or guardians when they are detaining them for having no legal status to be in the U.S. The new policy, which reverses the more restrictive policies of the Trump administration, also permits previously deported immigrants to return to the U.S. for child custody hearings as needed.

Upon taking office, Biden pledged to create a more humane immigration system that did not separate families, including parents and guardians of minor children and incapacitated adults. He also focused on enforcing immigration laws against immigrants who have committed serious crimes, resulting in a major decrease in deportation rates. However, Federal courts have blocked Biden’s efforts to focus on serious criminals, and Republicans have criticized his policies as permitting too many illegal crossings.

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