Caution: New Blogger on Board!


By Kristen Kiger

As the newest member of the Bashyam Spiro Immigration Law Group team, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Kristen Kiger, and 2011 has been an eventful one thus far.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May. As a Charlotte native, my career search commenced there. However, after months of research, I saw an ad in a Raleigh newspaper for a bilingual receptionist. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in Spanish, so I was interested, especially since it was an immigration law firm.

I submitted a resume and cover letter and within 48 hours I received a response. I scheduled the interview, completed the trip from Charlotte to Raleigh, and met with Murali Bashyam, the Managing Partner, and Pam Prather, Client Relations Manager,.  The passion Murali expressed for the business was admirable and contagious. After the interview, I returned to my car, drove back to Charlotte and thought, what will I do if I do not get the opportunity to work there?

Fortunately I was chosen for the position, and the transition from Charlotte to Raleigh has been nothing but exciting. My first day was in the beginning of August, and I received an incredible welcome from the Bashyam Spiro team. They spoiled me with sandwiches from McAllister’s Deli, and we participated in an entertaining game of “You have to tell me about him/her.”  The  most important thing I learned from the luncheon was that they are an ‘eccentric’ bunch, but who would want a mind-numbing work place? I certainly wouldn’t! Therefore, I fit right in.

Then, exactly one month later, on September 10, 2011, I married the most incredible, caring and handsome man. We had a spectacular wedding, held in Charlotte, followed by a beautifully humid week in the Dominican Republic. Now we are back in the states and the real world has greeted us at the door! My husband and I love Raleigh so far and we look forward to our future here.

Well, if you put this all together, between May and September I have graduated college, found a career, and launched  a marriage. And even still, the best part is, the best is yet to come….. It is a pleasure to meet you!


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