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DOS Releases January Visa Bulletin

Murali Bashyam

The Department of State (DOS) released its January 2008 Visa Bulletin. Of particular interest is the heavy retrogression taking place for Indian nationals in the Employment-Based Two (EB2) category. In January, EB2 will retrogress even further than Employment-Based Three (EB3) for Indians.  That is the first time we have ever seen that happen! The DOS also states the following in the Visa Bulletin:
INDIA EMPLOYMENT SECOND PREFERENCE CUT-OFF DATE RETROGRESSION FOR JANUARY – It has been necessary to once again retrogress the India Employment Second preference cut-off date. This is a direct result of continued heavy applicant demand for numbers by CIS for adjustment of status cases despite the retrogression which occurred for December. It is likely that the annual limit for this category will be reached within the next few months, at which time the category would become “unavailable” for the remainder of fiscal year 2008.”
If the EB2 category becomes ‘unavailable’ for most of 2008, it would cause quite a bit of hardship for Indian national. Hopefully our government will take action next year and fix this broken system of issuing immigrant visa numbers. To view the entire Visa Bulletin, please go to THIS LINK.