Get to Know Series: Emily Gray, Business Immigration Paralegal

How much do you really know about your immigration paralegal?

Emily has worked as both a family immigration paralegal and now as a business immigration paralegal with Bashyam Global. Many of our clients have had the opportunity to interact with Emily during her three years so far with our firm.

After graduating from UNC in 2014, Emily volunteered with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Tacna, Peru for two years, where she taught social justice and human rights to high school students. Through her community and volunteer work in Tacna, Peru, a border city, she learned the stories and struggles of many people and families trying to migrate to Chile for a better life and future.

In continuation of our Get to Know series, we asked Emily a few questions.  We want you to get to know Emily, an integral part of our immigration team.

Here’s what Emily has to say:

Where are you from? 

Charlotte, NC. Born and raised in North Carolina!

Why did you decide to go into immigration law?

It may be a bit cliché, but I decided to go into immigration law to help people. After graduating college, I was a volunteer in Tacna, Peru, which is the border city between Peru – Chile. I witnessed the impacts on people in the community who were turned away at the border, falling short of the dream of opportunity for a better life for themselves. That experience provided me with a desire to help other achieve their dreams of immigrating to the United States in order to provide better lives and opportunities for them and their families.

What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

That is a hard question. Every place I have been to is so unique and brings their own charm and culture. I can’t pick just one so I am going to have to go with Cartagena, Colombia and Cusco/Machu Picchu. Cartagena for the food, history, colorful atmosphere, and welcoming people. Cusco/Machu Picchu for the landscape and history. There is this magic that Cusco has that is just undescrible.

What are three things still on your bucket list?

  1. Go on a Safari
  2. Cook my way through an entire cookbook
  3. Become fluent in a third language– I am fluent in both English and Spanish (so far)

Who do you admire and why?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Even at the young age of 87, she is still a champion on the Supreme Court (and making it to the gym each day). She has been leading voice for gender equality, women’s interests, and civil rights and liberties.

What are three things everyone should know about immigration?

  1. Immigration has many paths, each of which takes time. There are a lot of intricacies that go into each specific immigration process, whether employment or family.
  2. Make sure to consult with an immigration attorney to discuss all of your options and the path that is best for you.
  3. Immigration is necessary for our country to continue to develop and achieve success in business, research, etc. Immigrants help drive our country’s growth and economy.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second female U.S. Supreme Court Justice when she took the oath of office, has been quoted, “I’m a very strong believer in listening and learning from others.” We believe that this is an essential part of not only providing adequate representation to our clients, but also as a part of life. We must listen to those around us who have previously been silenced to be able to continue to progress as a society and support those who need our help the most.

Emily is a perfect example of the compassion and justice similarly echoed in Justice Ginsburg’s quote. Each member of our team exercises the understanding and patience to work and provide excellent service to our clients, be they a corporation, an employee seeking to extend their business visa, or a U.S. citizen/permanent resident trying to figure out how to bring their family into the U.S.

We hope you got to know an important member of our team, Emily Gray, a little better.

Stay tuned for more on the Get to Know series. We will be introducing a different Bashyam Global team member every month!

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Live long, prosper, and continue to reach beyond borders!

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