Do You Expect to Have a Naturalization Oath Ceremony Soon?

Ame Coats

Many of our clients ask if the Oath Ceremony is on the same day as their naturalization interview. Right now, the answer is ‘no.’

If all goes well at the interview, you will receive an “Oath Notice” around 2 to 4 weeks after the ceremony.  The Oath Notice will provide instructions as to the time and place where your Oath Ceremony will be held.

Most naturalization oath ceremonies are conducted at the local USCIS office where the interview occurred.  However, on occasion, USCIS will schedule the Oath Ceremony elsewhere—usually as part of a special event.  For example, the Raleigh/Durham USCIS office conducts an Oath Ceremony once a year in Southport, North Carolina as part of the official North Carolina 4th of July Festival.  Southport is located on the North Carolina coast, about 2 1/2 hours from Raleigh.

In the past, some clients have really enjoyed the ceremony in Southport.  Others would have preferred to take the Oath at the local USCIS office given the long drive, holiday crowds at the beach, and boiling July temperatures.  Unfortunately, Immigration Officers do not routinely bring up possible Oath Ceremony locations at the interview.  However, if the Officer has told you that he or she has recommended your case for approval, it’s ok to ask about locations yourself. Most officers will be as accommodating as possible in regards to your preferred location for the ceremony.

Regardless of the location, USCIS does a nice job with Oath Ceremonies.  Your loved ones are invited to attend the Ceremony with you and cameras are allowed as well.   If you have an Oath Ceremony scheduled soon, congratulations on becoming a U.S. Citizen!