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News Bits and Upcoming Events in 2008

Murali Bashyam

To read the USCIS application and receipting update as of December 14, 2007, please go to THIS LINK.

On January 1, 2008, the fee to apply for any non-immigrant visa to enter the United States, including tourist, business, student and other visas, will increase to $131 world-wide.  This increase will also apply to Border Crossing Cards.  To read more, please go to THIS LINK.

The Department of Labor Backlog Elimination Center issued Round 8 of its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). To read the entire FAQ, please go to THIS LINK.

Speaking of labor certifications, the PERM system started relatively smoothly but it looks like the Department of Labor is starting to change the rules in the middle of the game. As a result, it is important that law firms and employers adapt accordingly, and that expectations are realistic given this ever-evolving process.

Our firm will be holding a series of seminars in early 2008 that will address various PERM-related issues. The first seminar will be on the PERM recruitment process – what do employers have to do, who has to be interviewed, and what needs to be documented. We will most likely have video-conferencing capability for our clients and readers in other parts of the United States. We will provide more detailed information on this seminar in January, but if this sounds interesting to you let us know by sending us an email to We would love to hear if you have any suggestions for future topics as well.