Our Top Secret Applied Sciences Immigration Division



By Murali Bashyam

A few months ago, I was watching an episode of Arrow with my 11 year-old nephew, Rohan.  In that episode, the CEO of Oliver Queen’s (aka Green Arrow’s) company, Queen Consolidated, mentioned that the company had an Applied Sciences division.  I immediately turned to Rohan and said, “everybody has an Applied Sciences division!  Queen Consolidated has one, and Wayne Enterprises has one too.”

And then it hit me!

Bashyam Spiro & Coats needed to start an Applied Sciences Division as well!  If Batman and Green Arrow run successful companies with an Applied Sciences Division, then so should we.  After all, it’s my job as the Managing Partner of this business to keep us on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology!

That’s why we’ve been silent on this blog since last May.

We’ve been working really hard at establishing the first ever Applied Sciences Immigration Division at a law firm.   Leading our efforts as the head of the division is my nephew, Rohan.  Despite his young age, he is the perfect ‘diabolical creative genius’ type to create the systems that will revolutionize the immigration industry.  Of course, we are working on many other things as well, but that will have to stay top-secret for now.

At the right time, all will be revealed!

In the meantime, we will regularly post new and interesting blogs on this site in 2014.  We will also be changing our law firm name to Bashyam Enterprises Consolidated.

Stay tuned…

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