Latest Immigration Minute Segment In Spanish: Notarios vs. Abogados

Jessica Coscia


Many intending immigrants who would otherwise qualify for immigration benefits discover they will never be successful because an immigration “consultant” or notary destroyed their dreams.

While many legitimate community and religious organizations provide immigration-related services, non-lawyers who advertise as legal “consultants” or “notarios” are not authorized or qualified to help with immigration matters.

It is against the law for “public notaries” or even foreign lawyers who are not licensed in the United States to provide immigration advice.

Only a U.S. licensed lawyer or accredited representative is authorized and qualified to assist with a person’s immigration case. You can verify whether a lawyer is in good standing and licensed to help you by contacting your state bar association or the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Our latest Immigration Minute segment is hosted by our Paralegal, Diana Barrezueta, and contains information, in Spanish, to help Spanish-speaking consumers take action and locate qualified immigration attorneys in their area.