COVID-19 Office Management: How We’re Doing Things at Bashyam Global

Allison Lukanich

The last few months have tested all of us around the world in different ways.  The COVID-19 virus has forever changed our lives, and will continue to affect the way we as humans operate and conduct business for a long time.

Due to the uncertainty that understandably comes at a time like this, it has forced many businesses to reinvent the manner in which they do things.  I am glad to say as an attorney at Bashyam Global that we have made a fairly seamless transition in these difficult times, allowing us to continue to operate while strictly following CDC guidelines and ensuring the continuity of excellent legal representation and customer service that keeps clients coming to us.

We at Bashyam Global made the decision to meet with our clients and prospective clients over the phone and through video conferencing to keep both ourselves, our families, and our clients safe from the potential spread of COVID-19.  There are at least two employees in our office every day (with the rest working remotely) to ensure someone is available to accept mail, sign for deliveries, and get filings out the door.  We have implemented a facemask policy for those in the office in shared spaces, and ask that any clients who need to stop by to sign documents or drop off paperwork also wear masks.

If the last few months have taught us anything, the technology and systems we already had in place made these changes a relatively smooth transition.  On the family immigration side, Jessica and I continue to work hand in hand to get our cases filed, and I think our clients would agree that nothing has changed from our level of representation or diligent work on their cases.  We have operated on a paperless file system for a few years now, scanning and uploading everything which makes it easy to work from anywhere.  While issues with scanning or the occasional computer glitch was an annoyance in the past, I am very grateful Jessica and I stuck to our system as it has made things much easier now when we are working remotely.

Jessica and I are sure to continue our regular communication with each other and instead of walking down the hall into each other’s offices, we have frequent video conference meetings to touch base on our cases, discuss strategy, and ensure cases continue to get completed and filed.  There have been some challenges the past few months and we will continue to be challenged throughout the remaining time COVID-19 will be in our lives.  However, with the systems we already had in place I am confident that we will continue to serve our clients in the same manner that we always have.

I very much miss seeing my clients in the office every day and getting to chat and catch up on their lives.  I know that we will return to seeing clients in the office regularly, but for now I am glad I can continue to work hard to represent my clients in a manner that keeps everyone safe.  Thank you for your continued patience and adapting with us during these difficult times.