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During the last two decades, Bashyam Global attorneys and paralegals have given presentations through live lectures, corporate client trainings, immigration webinars, and other formats to help educate clients and others.  We are committed to helping educate our clients, other immigrants, news reporters, politicians, and everyone else interested in U.S. immigration laws and the policy issues. 

You will find below links to our videos, Powerpoint presentations, and other media information.  If you have any questions about any of our media content, contact us.  We would be happy to speak with you about it.

For media inquiries, please contact us.

Know Immigration

Options for Lawful Permanent Residents [Green Card Holders] Stuck Abroad

Pros and Cons of U.S. Citizenship [Naturalization]

F-1 Student Revocation

Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Some Nonimmigrant Work Visas

Procedures of Removal [Deportation] Proceedings

Inadmissibility Waivers

Opciones para residentes permanentes quien esta afuera de los EEUU por medio de COVID-19

Opciones para Víctimas de Violencia Domestica

Beneficios y consêquencias de la ciudadania estadounidense [Naturalización]

El Procedimiento del Proceso de Deportación

Perdones de Inadmisibilidad [Inmigración]

Client Testimonials

Embassy – The Wikle’s I-601

Outcome – Wikle’s I-601

The Wikle’s I-601

Client Testimonial – Stanley Hsu

Bashyam Global Clients and Staff

Educational Videos

US Citizenship Requirements

The Benefits of Citizenship

Immigration Webinar (Part 1): I-9 Basics

Immigration Webinar (Part 2): Constructive Knowledge

Immigration Webinar (Part 3): I-9 & SS Mismatch Letter Audits Violations and Penalties

The H-1B Process and Cap – What You Need To Know

Intro to Affidavits of Support

Citizenship English and Civics Test

USC Guide to Sponsoring Parents

Common Questions USC Guide to Sponsoring Parents

Guide to Sponsoring Parents to U.S. (Part 1)

Guide to Sponsoring Parents to U.S. (Part 2)

Adapting to Changes in H1B Process

Bashyam Global On The Web

Family Immigration – K-3 Visas

Family Immigration – Pros & Cons of Fiancé & Spouse Sponsorship

I601 Waiver – Overview

I601 Hardship Waiver – Application Process

EB-5 Investor Immigration Program

Marriage-Based Immigration: How the I-601 Stateside Waiver Can Help You

Senate Immigration Bill (s.744) – What You Need To Know

Información básica de asilo

Nuts and Bolts of Asylum

Why You Should Hire Bashyam Global

What are the differences between an attorney and a notario

Key Differences between Adjusting Status and Consular Processing

Nuevos cambios a las reglas de la carga publica

¿Mi hij@ estadounidense puede pedirme por la residencia?

Diferencias entra ordenes de arresto de ICE y Judicial

¿Que debe saber antes de aplicar para la ciudadanía?

¿Cuales son las diferencias entre un abogado y un notario?

¿Como maximizar su consulta de inmigración?

Conozca sus derechos si está parado o interrogado de la policía o ICE (Parte 1)

Conozca sus derechos si está en custodia de la policía o ICE (Parte 2)

Introducción de permiso de reentrada para residentes permanentes

Pathways to Residency through Marriage to a US Citizen

Differences between ICE and Judicial Warrants

What to know before you file your Naturalization case

New Changes to the Public Charge Rule

How to make the most of your immigration consult

Know Your Rights if Stopped and Questioned by the Police or ICE (Part 1)

Know Your Rights if in Police or ICE Custody (Part 2)

Can my 21 Year Old US citizen child petition me for resident status?

Introduction to Reentry Permits for Green Card Holders

Diferencias notables entre adjusta de estatus y el proceso consular

Equipo de Inmigración Familiar De Bashyam Global

Solar Energy Project

I601 Hardship Waiver – Legal Standards

Family Immigration – Fiance & Spouse Sponsorship Overview

Deferred Action for Parents of US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA)

Caminos a la Residencia por medio de matrimonio a un estadounidense

Bashyam Global Tips on Family Immigration

5 Tips for Filing an H-1B Application

¿Porque deberías contratar a Bashyam Global?

Immigration Minute

Immigration Minute – USCIS Change of Address Requirements

Immigration Minute – Trabajando Con Abogados

Immigration Minute on “Notarios”

Immigration Minute: TPS for Haiti