A Move to Minneapolis


By Pam Prather

By Pam Prather

In our striving for world dominance, we have recently joined the ranks of “the multi-office firm”.  You may have already heard, but one of our attorneys – Rashmi Shah – has moved to Minneapolis, MN. Rather than give up the Nirvana that is working at Bashyam Spiro (ahem), it was decided that she would open up a branch office there.

Rashmi has set up an office, contracted office support staff, and reached out to several communities to spread the good word. She has gotten involved with the Indian-American population, which is about the 8th largest in the 50 states.  She has networked with business groups, other attorneys, and professional organizations involved in immigration.

I understand Rashmi has also purchased a warm coat.  Minnesota is a beautiful state, with a climate that varies greatly through the seasons.  When most people think of Minnesota, though, this is what they envision:

I don’t know how many of you reading this were impressionable young ladies living in the U.S. in the 70’s, but when I think of Minneapolis (or one-half of the Twin Cities, which is what the area is often called) I think of a spunky young woman who could “turn the world on with her smile”.  Yes, now you will have that tv theme song stuck in your head all day.  I am speaking of the one, the only, Mary Richards.  Starring Mary Tyler Moore, this ground-breaking television show was set in the fictional news station WJM of “greater Minneapolis”.  It had a huge impact on me (and millions of other young women), showing the title character fighting the sexist corporate world of those times.

So, when I think of Rashmi up there, all alone in her high-tech, satellite Bashyam Spiro office, working hard to ensure the new office is a success, I picture things a little differently.  Because I know – just like Mary Richards – she’s “gonna make it after a-all”.

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